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2. Jason Price - Entrepreneurial Employee Extraordinaire

May 3rd, 2017


Hi everyone and welcome to the Why 2 podcast where I interview interesting and noteworthy people to learn about their journeys and specifically look to understand their beliefs, values, mindset, and resources they used to get started and succeed on their journey

I'm your host Dustin Elliott and today’s guest is Jason Price. 

Jason has been in the recruitment game for the better part of the last decade, and has taken an interesting shift from being involved in the Australian music industry and hip hop scene to becoming a leader in corporate Australia with some large Australian and Global organisations.

You're going to love this conversation as Jason really opens up about his journey; starting with growing up in a tough neighbourhood south of Adelaide, not finishing school, becoming a father at a young age, and taking a big career shift in his late 20s. 

We talk about self talk, goal setting, and the idea of being an entrepreneurial employee which I think Jason is an amazing example of.