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1. Corey Wastle - Boundless optimism, personal development, leadership and so much more!!

May 2nd, 2017


Hi everyone and welcome to the Why 2 podcast where I interview interesting and noteworthy people to learn about their journeys and specifically look to understand their beliefs, values, mindset, and resources they used to get started and succeed on their journey

I'm your host Dustin Elliott and today’s guest is Corey Wastle.

Corey is the Co-Founder of Verse Wealth, a firm that's doing financial advice differently and breaking down industry traditions.

Corey has been prominently featured on the front page of Financial Planning Association Magazine,  a finalist for the Association of Financial Advisors Rising Star Award 2015, finalist in the Independent Financial Advisor Newcomer of the Year Award 2016, and a regular speaker and workshop advisor.

I hold Corey in high regards as both a friend and mentor who has made one of the biggest impacts on my professional and personal life and a big catalyst for me starting this podcast. Whether it’s his boundless optimism, or his pursuit to create a bold, culture first organisation, he is a gold mine of insights and knowledge!

This conversation is very wide ranging, from the nuts and bolts of starting a business to personal development, optimism, leadership and so much more! There is something in this conversation for everyone, no matter what you are looking to improve upon.