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27. Kate McCready - A practical approach to crossing the chasm

July 17th, 2018


After having celebrated the Why 2 Podcast being over a year old now, interviewing over 25 amazing professionals from a variety of backgrounds, today's episode gets right at the heart of the Why 2 Podcast is trying to achieve.

It's all about answering the question, how do you cross the chasm from where you are, to where you want to be?

Simple question, but as many of you listening are well aware of, not as easy as it sounds. This process is fraught with uncertainty about where you are, where you want to go, and how to cross the chasm to get to that life that you envision and dream about every day.

And to do that, today’s episode features the wonderful Kate McCready.

Kate McCready runs her own Career & Work-Life coaching practice and works with individuals in helping them answer this question here. She also runs the top-rated podcast called the Good Work Revolution which strongly recommend giving it a listen.

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26. Ruby Lee - Own your hustle (Ruby Lee & Why 2 Podcast Takeover Edition)

June 27th, 2018


This episode of the Why 2 Podcast is a very special one as I've invited the wonderful and talented Ruby Lee who hosts the Own Your Hustle Podcast, to take the microphone over in this Takeover edition of the Why 2 Podcast. 

Ruby has been a personal inspiration for me over the last few years as I've followed her journey as she's developeded her own side hustle and meticulously honed her skills along the way. She's incredibly generous to share so much information about her journey and the skillsets she uses which has driven her success. In only the first 65 days of full time running her side hustle, she's made over $65K and shows no signs of stopping.

For this episode, she takes the microphone over and speaks about her journey, her side hustle, and brings in her husband and business partner Michael Poon to talk about running a business together. 

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25. Jason Hamborg - Committing career suicide

May 31st, 2018


This episode is very different from any previous episodes heard here on the Why 2 Podcast, and one that I've wanted to have for over the last 5 years. 

I’ve actually known Jason Hamborg (Co-Founder and Production Manager of 6ix Sigma) for a long time now, as we both went to University of Northern British Columbia to get our Human Resources degrees. But when we graduated, Jason did something very unexpected.

You see though, while I entered the HR world with all the momentum behind me, I watched Jason first hand take a radical pivot in his career to start 6ix Sigma. At the time, I thought he was conducting career suicide by taking such a dramatic step away from HR and not capitalising on all the momentum we had both worked so hard to built and instead launch a business into a fledgling industry. 

But what Jason did next, was absolutely incredible and inspiring! 

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24. Travis Jones - 60 seconds to live

May 16th, 2018


From a challenging upbringing, having only 60 seconds to live, being on the brink of financial ruin, receiving death threats, and everything in between, Travis is the first to say that he shouldn't be successful. But he is! he is!

He has successfully started multiple multi-million dollar businesses over the last few years and shows no signs of stopping! 

Frankly speaking, Travis Jones hardly needs an introduction. But, just in case you haven’t heard of Travis, he is the Managing Director of the RBT gyms, runs a Small Business Consulting company, a Digital Agency called Think Tank, and if that’s not impressive enough, he’s also just in the process of launching a Health and Fitness App.

Travis’s story is absolutely incredible, to say the least, as we explore how we went from a professional rugby player, to having just 60 seconds to live, to starting and growing various multi-million dollar businesses.

I’ve wanted to interview Travis for a long time now, and he was actually the first person I wrote down on my list of future guests, as I believe he embodies the spirit of the Why 2 podcast in that anything is possible as he came from a disadvantaged background and has battled uphill to get the success he has now.

From selling his car to scrape enough money to open his first gym that he had to live in, to getting his life threatened, and watching him hustle and grind to make his dream a reality today through all the make or break moments,

I don’t want to say anything else to introduce him because the simple truth of Travis’s story is one that you need to just hear from himself - even if you just give it 10 or 20 minutes.


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23. Natalie Firth - How to successfully start a business at the worst possible time

May 1st, 2018


Today’s guest is Natalie Firth, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Think Talent,  Melbourne's fastest-growing, female-led recruitment agency. They specialise in executive recruitment across marketing, technology & innovation, people & culture and executive support. Think Talent was also recently awarded the Small Recruitment Agency of the year during the latest SEEK Annual Recruitment Award - one of the highest honours in the hyper-competitive industry of recruitment here in Australia.

But, what makes Natalie’s story so interesting though is the circumstances that her and her Co-Founder, Ainsley started the business in. Now, while I’m sure most people agree that starting a business can be very challenging at the best of time, but Think Talent was launched right while Natalie was pregnant with her second child and adding to her very young family.

If you’ve ever come up with an excuse as to why you can't start your business, this is a great chat that will surely make you rethink the perceived obstacles in your way!

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22. Michael Ellis - What it takes to build a world class culture

April 24th, 2018


When I learned about Michael Ellis's (Head of Culture for Vinomofo) background, I couldn't figure out why he was so successful given his background. 

This conversation was a deeply personal one for me, as if you had gone back just a few years into my history, I would have told you how I aspired to work with a fast-paced, innovative, and people focused company that was redefining what Culture was in an organisation. That dream would basically have looked exactly what exactly what Mikey has done at Vinomofo. He’s worked with the Founders of Vinomofo to grow it from about 40 staff here in Australia to over 130 staff across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and now expanding into the US Market.

They’ve been featured in the Top 25 Great Places to Work 2016 list, received an award for Most Successful Staff Engagement, and have created one of the most sought-after employer brands in Australia (and one of the coolest offices that has a massive wine bar!!). However, a quick look at Mikey’s history shows that prior to his role starting at Vinomofo just 3 years ago, he had pretty much no HR experience or HR education that you would think someone would need, or at least have, to create what he has done now.

The funny thing here is that I started my university career, with the idea that if I got an HR degree, and plugged away in the Corporate HR world for 10-15 years, I might be finally in the place to do what he’s done - but obviously that was just the traditional success narrative and this chat is all about exploring Mikey’s journey to get to where he is now and how you can to.


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21. Aaron Price - Building a global software business from rural Australia

April 3rd, 2018


Just about every time I speak with Aaron,  I always came back to this one question that has been almost haunting me since I first met him; how does a guy, who got a degree in and still occasionally moonlights as a radiologist, run a successful global software company from rural Australia?

Aaron Price is one of the Co-Founders behind Wyzed and Cloudschool. Wyzed, his latest business requires little introduction as, of course, they’ve been the sponsor for the Why 2 Podcast for many episodes now. In addition to that, I’ve also been working with the team at Wyzed for the last few months and getting to know Aaron personally through that time. 

Aaron has never done any formal training in business or even worked in another software company, never taken any outside investment, but he and the team have has still managed to grow this business from nothing to doubling quarter all while living in rural Australia.

I’ve personally watched him close large enterprise deals, write amazing marketing copy, forge some unlikely partnerships, become an incredible leader, and work with the rest of the team around the continuous development of the software product and company itself.

At the end of the day, Aaron has really shown me that no hurdle is too big to work towards your dreams.

20. Fiona Triaca - The nuts and bolts of starting a business

March 8th, 2018


So when I sat down with Fiona my question was simply this, how does someone go from TV to Investment Banking, and finally land on Design Thinking Consulting and training?

On the surface of it, Fiona Triaca's career makes no sense. Currently, she is the Founder and CEO of Naked Ambition where they teach the habits of innovation to corporate mavericks so that they can solve complex challenges, seize opportunities and lead their company into new territory. But if we scroll back in her CV, you’ll see that she had actually received a Masters Of Arts in Creative Media and Screenwriting. But then a quick look at her working life, you’ll see that while she did have a short stint in film, she quickly switched to the world of Investment Banking where she spent over 8 years before starting Naked Ambition.

What I found was a very interesting insight as to the fundamental skills, insights, and mentality that she used to climb her way up in the Investment Banking world where she quickly identified an opportunity that led her to start her business. This is an especially important chat if you’ve ever noticed a problem with your industry or the nature of your work and had a brilliant stroke of insight as to how you might be able to change it.





19. Antonluigi Gozzi - Taking on a billion dollar industry

February 22nd, 2018


Gigi is currently Founder and Managing Director of LiveHire. LiveHire is an ASX traded company who are the technology firm behind the Live Talent Ecosystem. This is where people privately connect with Live Talent Communities of the best employer brands. More importantly, though, LiveHire's purpose is to empower the flow of the world's talent, to create a more agile, open and awesome working world. And what an awesome world they have created, after starting Livehire in 2012 with co-founder Michael Haywood, Livehire has grown to extraordinary levels. Just to give you a sense of what that means, at the time of recording they have achieved a 170million dollar market cap and now work with some of Australia's largest companies like Bupa, Telstra Health, KPMG, Roy Hill, and so many more!!

However, if we go back just a few years before LiveHire started, we find that Gigi had just completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering in Italy. Shortly after he received his degree, he made the bold decision to move to Australia.

His story is really all about how from having nothing and not even able to speak English, he leveraged his learned skill set and opportunities to tackle one of the biggest problems you and I will probably have at some point in your life, getting a job! He and his, team have boldly taken the 11.2 billion dollar industry of recruitment in Australia head on and have their eyes set to disrupt the broad 400 billion dollar global staffing industry.

This is a unique look into the story and mind of a successful tech entrepreneur. Someone who started actually further back than most of us will, in that he didn’t even speak the same language, but has now gone on to create an incredible business in only a relatively few short years.

While it might seem like a mystic feat to achieve the levels he has today, his story sheds the thoughts, decisions, and mindset behind what has made LiveHire so successful today.




18. Dustin Elliott - My biggest regret about the Podcast

February 6th, 2018


This episode of the Why 2 is Podcast is a very a special episode and something I haven’t done as of yet on this show. For the first time on the podcast, I want to turn the microphone around on myself and revisit the last year of the Why 2 Podcast awhile discussing some important topics for the year ahead.

More specifically though, I wanted record this episode because, as I reflected over my 2017 year, the podcast came under the microscope. In that, there were some wins, some failures, some mistakes, more than a few cringeworthy moments, some great learnings, and a few regrets about the podcasts. Seeing as the best time to address them was at the time, and the second best time is now, better late than never I guess!

For this, I wanted to take you back and explore the origins of the podcast through a quick narrative explaining a particular thread of my life where the idea for the podcast originated from. And as a part of the previously mentioned reflection and through some wonderful conversations about the podcast with many of my listeners, I have become more clear about what the podcast is and what I want to achieve.

The biggest one is a much clearer Mission and Vision which I talk about, as well as introduce a few new ideas that you will see over the coming months.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast from 2017, I want to thank all the love and support I have received over the last 9 months. And if you’re new to the podcast, I know that this is the podcast you need to hear.

I believe that there is no bigger tragedy than someone with capacity and potential to do something great, but doesn't. When they wait too long to take those first steps, or worse, don't take the steps and their ideas and potential impact goes to the grave.

17. Adam Murray - Better questions to a better life

December 13th, 2017


Adam Murray is currently a Product Manager at Cogent, but probably best known for being the man behind the mic of the Subtle Disruptors Podcast. After having completed over 70 episodes, Subtle Disruptors is a weekly podcast of down-to-earth and inspiring conversations with those who are having an amazing local and global impact through their work, in an under the radar way. Each conversation is recorded in a location that is significant to the story of the guest, from coworking spaces to cafes, train stations to bars. Adam has had incredible success with the podcast and risen to the coveted front page of iTunes, where you should head after you listen to his interview here and check out his podcast(links below to iTunes).

I’ve been a fan of Subtle Disruptors after hearing previous guest of the Why 2 Podcast, Corey Wastle, featured on Subtle Disruptors back in April, just before the Why 2 Podcast officially launched. From there I’ve found myself in an ever deepening sense of awe of Adam’s ability to ask the right question at the right time to bring out the most brilliant insights of his guests. I’m a big believer in the Tony Robbins quote that the quality of your life can be measured by the quality of your questions. From that, I’ve focused a lot of asking better questions of myself, the people around me, and of course, my guests on the podcast. I wanted to feature Adam on the podcast as I believe that by asking better questions, we can lead better lives, as it all starts with the right questions. Of course, as I’ve found, and I am sure you’re thinking, this is easier said than done.

But this isn’t just about the art of asking questions, it’s an exploration of Adam’s journey as he’s navigated the challenges of finding his calling in life and finding a place that was aligned for him. Specifically you’ll hear how he navigated a challenge that we all face of some point, in that how do you take a step back from the money and prestige that a role might offer you to make a step forward towards what you really want to do.






16. Adam Jelic - How to become a Goal Digger

November 28th, 2017


Adam Jelic is currently Founder and Managing Director at Mi Goals. Their mission to help you unlock the potential within yourself to dream, plan and take action on the life you want. More than a stationery brand, they’re a global community of dream chasers and action takers.

I had actually originally found Adam and Mi Goals from a Kickstarter campaign where I was blown away to see that they raised 4 times their goal and had amazing outpouring of support and interest in their latest product, Goal Digger.

To be honest from the outset, this isn’t a triumphant, ‘overnight success story’ where by doing these 2 simple things you can create a million dollar business for yourself tomorrow. It’s the story of Adam’s life, as he recounts how he faced the challenges that we all face when we chase our dreams. That challenge of self doubt, people pushing you towards the safe path, the responsibilities that life can thrust on you unexpectedly, and ultimately how to live towards your values and goals. But in that, Adam has done something that very few people have accomplished and something I have utmost admiration for. He has faced those same challenges we face and actually pushed past all of that to create the incredible business and brand he leads now. Like I said, this isn’t an overnight success story, but a real and honest recount of exactly how he connected the dots to live a meaningful life he does now.

It’s almost weekly that I am speaking with people, just like you who are listening to this now, who get told their idea aren’t viable or they tell me that they can’t quit their job to chase that passion, or they’re family expects them to follow the safe route, and Adam’s story is the quintessential one of how he still managed to make it happen and provides us the lessons to help you do the same.

Telling his story is the reason I started the podcast, that I truly believe that everyone of you listening has the potential to chase your dreams and make it big. That we all face the same challenges in life but  we are all able to break through them and become the best version of ourselves. Doesn’t have to be starting a business, but it’s all about living with purpose, chasing your dreams, and ultimately becoming a goal digger.

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15. Mark Middo - How to create your own overnight success story

November 17th, 2017


Today’s guest is Mark Middo.

Mark is currently Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Owner of Linkfluencer. Recognised by Forbes as Australia's Leading LinkedIn Training Company, their mission is to transform social selling on LinkedIn and build the next generation of influencers. Mark himself has been prominently featured by some of the largest publications in the world including The Sydney Morning Herald, Cosmopolitan, Bloomberg and was recently recognised by The Huffington Post as one of Australia's leading online entrepreneurs. He is also an international best selling author of 5 Minute Business which skyrocketing to #1 in the world on Amazon within the first 3 days of it's release and had over 42,000 downloads on Kindle within that period.

Mark is a serial entrepreneur through and through. From his early online days of creating online's businesses, to starting a bar at the young age of 19 with no experience, he has since then gone on to start consulting businesses, an innovative entertainment business, and now to helping run Linkfluencer. In that though, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing as we talk about how he got ahead of himself, and managed to get into a quarter of a million dollars of debt after a bit of early success led to some bad decisions. And managing to make a get a few bumps and bruises as he’s found his way to all he is achieved now

I think the one big thing I really value from this conversation, is hearing about how Mark is the kind of guy who hasn’t been afraid to take action with the ideas he’s had and opportunities he’s been presented with. As we hear about, they don’t always work out as expected, but the skills and learnings have helped Mark leverage into that next big opportunity. It might seem like an overnight success, but it’s a terrific story of all the blood, sweat, tears, and hard work he’s put in and how you can achieve the same things if you’re willing to put in the work.

With that being said, let’s get to today’s chat.





14. Ash Marton - Listening to your intuition

October 30th, 2017


My guest today is Ash Marton, Director and Co founder of Ash Marton Realty. At the young age of 21 with only a few years of experience, and after a serendipitous moment at a Tony Robbins Conference, Ash and his business partner Lilly resigned from their job and opened the doors to their own real estate agency.

From there, Ash and his business have risen to meteoric levels with appearances on selling houses Australia and Skye News, as well as being selected as a finalist at the industry REB awards for innovator of the year and residential agency of the year. However, my favourite of Ash’s accomplishments is that of having been invited to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house in California.

From a make or break moment early in his real estate career to growing an office with a team of over 17 and grand plans for the future, Ash is an incredible example of a man who has taken life head on and achieved so much in such a short amount of time.

This chat is a must for anyone listening who doesn’t feel that they have “what it takes” to get started in whatever they want to do in life. We talk tactics about using your lack of experience to your advantage, the importance of goal setting, compromise, and listening to your intuition.





13. Dara Simkin - Permission to play

October 17th, 2017



Dara Simkin, Director and Play Consultant of Project Play and is an author and mindset coach who runs Project Play which fosters creativity, encourages innovative thinking and improves employee engagement by cultivating a new culture of business with strategic play. She utilises research in the field of play from neuroscience and psychology, to animal play behaviour and evolutionary biology, Project Play has crafted experiential play programs for businesses and professionals.

Dara tells us her story of starting out in PR and marketing in Florida to winning an all-expenses paid trip to Tasmania and moving to Australia, eventually taking a dramatic turn in what she does today. She also comes to us with a tremendous amount of insight and knowledge into areas that are fundamental to our growth.

This is a wide ranging chat where we go deep into themes of mindfulness and our relationship with ourselves. We explore what we can do to ensure that we are balanced, productive, fulfilled humans living in this complex and busy world.